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Sir Alex Value Only Tottenham's Threat Made Leicester

At the age of 23 years, Goetze has yet to fulfill the potential that he got. It could beGoetze wants to return his career into the right path along both a huge success considering Klopp at Borussia Dortmund.

The Times called the price of Goetze only 20 million pounds so it enters the 2016 Summer window because his contract remaining lives a year.

For Liverpool supporters, fantasy see Philippe Coutinho, Firmino, and Goetze is behind Sturridge is obviously too good to be real lifeline.

They've come to believe that the Quartet realized when Goetze already posing menyender typical player above Liverpool at the headquarters team at Melwood.

Former Manchester United Manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, join to talk about competition Premier League title this season. He assesses only Tottenham Hotspur could derail Leicester City to become champions.
Sir Alex Value Only Tottenham's Threat Made Leicester

Currently, Leicester City Pack 66 points at the top of the standings while the Premier League. Claudio Ranieri's squad winning five points from nearest rivals, Tottenham.

"Leicester are already close to the finish line, it was the biggest task. They must remain consistent with what is already done, "said Sir Alex as reported by ESPN.

Former manager who won 13 Premier League title for 26 years at Man United this convinced Leicester will experience a severe test. Jamie Vardy will lose one or two points, even defeat.

However, Ferguson is also assessing other competitors will lose points because of the tight competition in the Premier League.

Sir Alex not to offend the chances Arsenal to be able to stop because it is several inches Leicester 11 points. For him, only allowing gave Tottenham a danger to Leicester.

"I see only Tottenham that is becoming a danger to Leicester. After many years, currently with Tottenham showing the best performance. However, it's almost reached the finish line and I am sure they can finish, "said he.

Sir Alex Value Only Tottenham's Threat Made Leicester

West Ham United manager, Slaven Bilic, confirm it's almost reach agree with Valencia to recruit young stars Toni Martinez (18), Thursday (31/3/2016).

Jack Sullivan, a son of David Sullivan, one of the owners of West Ham, revealed thatin the next seven days, his club would reach agree to transfer of Martinez.

Toni Martinez is a young player who already had more than 100 goals for Valencia'syouth team in the last four years. He has also strengthened the national U-19 team of Spain.

"We've been close enough to be able to get the services of Toni Martinez. If successful, the deal ensures we will have one of the brilliant young striker from Valencia, "said Bilic as reported by Sky Sports.

Earlier, David Sullivan, also claims to have a plan to hook the bomber Paris Saint-Germain, Zlatan Ibrahimovicon stock transfers this summer.

However, Bilic was apparently reluctant to respond to exaggerated speech problemDavid Sullivan. The focus at the moment is to be able to ensure the signature can Toni Martinez.

"All of the big players are just speculation. Currently certain is we're close enough to be able to secure the Toni Martinez, "said he.

Coach of Tottenham Hotspur, Mauricio Pochettino, consider the competition to win the Premier League season for 2015-2016 has not yet been completed. According to Pochettino, clubs that occupy the position of seven big in the standings while thePremier League is still a chance to win the competition.

Currently, seven big Premier League occupied by Leicester City (66 points), Spurs (61 points), Arsenal (55 points), Manchester City (51 points), West Ham United (50 points), Manchester United (50 points), and Southampton (47 points).

Sir Alex Value Only Tottenham's Threat Made Leicester

Many masters of Leicester City who will win the Premier League, and the Spurs werethe only club that still might pursue Jamie Vardy dkk in seven matches remaining this season.

However, Pochettino does feel that way.

"We compete with many teams and not just Leicester. Arsenal, Man City, Man United, West Ham and Southampton still got up. Everything can still happen in the remaining seven games, "said Pochettino.

Pochettino was not denied, Leicester had the great opportunity of maintaining theiradvantage in the standings until the end of the season.

"Leicester are worthy of their position now. They are very good from the beginningof the season, "said Pochettino. However, he insisted the players focus face the rest of the competition.

"Our position now is nice, but do not compare with Leicester. We have to fight in the last seven weeks and realize the possibility of winning the League. It would mean a lot to the Club, "said the Argentina coach.

Spurs going into Anfield face Liverpool, Saturday (2/4/2016). Ahead of the action, Pochettino got good news about attackers mainstay, Harry Kane (22).